Why use a buyer’s agent?

Many people wonder:  As a buyer, why should I use a realtor?

There are many reasons:   

For your PROTECTION: Buying a home is a very important and expensive purchase – probably the most important purchase you will ever make.It’s very important to have someone help you who is educated in all the facets of real estate.Unlike hiring an attorney to represent you, it’s one of the few instances in life where you have professional representation and you don’t even pay for it.  Realtor fees are typically paid by the home seller.  Real estate commissions are split by the realtor listing the property, and the realtor bringing the buyer.

We Have  CONNECTIONS: We have connections with other professionals.  We can direct you to qualified lenders, reputable inspectors, contractors etc… If questions arise about properties, we will do the necessary research with county records, cities, etc… we will find the right people to answer questions about animal rights, water rights and covenants.

We’re trained PROFESSIONALS: Real estate education doesn’t stop after going to real estate school and passing exams.  We take classes continually to make sure we’re educated on all new laws, procedures, contracts etc…as well as staying up to date on the local market conditions.  We have experience.  The first time doing anything is always rocky and uncertain.  Our experience helps take away the rockiness.  Short sale and foreclosure purchases can be especially tricky, let a professional guide you and represent you.  We  pay dues for full access to the MLS (multiple listing service) so after you convey what you want, we can research all of the properties for sale, send you listings via the internet, and then physically show you homes that interest you. Every week we tour the new homes on the market, so often when we discover what you want in a home we have already toured homes that fit your criteria & can recommend that you see them. We know what forms and contracts are needed and will help you fill them out correctly. We will manage the transactions and dates for you. Maybe most importantly, we will negotiate the best terms for YOU.  After you find that perfect home, we will do research to determine the true market value of the home, ensuring you don’t overpay.

Please call Terri @435-770-9407 or e-mail supersizemore58@gmail.com if you’re looking at homes for sale in Cache Valley, UT

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